madonna, lover & son

MADONNA, LOVER & SON | Oil on canvas | 68" W x 80" H

y mother was a heterosexual yet I am a lesbian. My motherís sexual-orientation did not determine my sexuality. So why do people question whether lesbian mothers can rear children? Obviously, the answer is bigotry and ignorance, thinking that gay life is immoral.

Custody suits against gay families often attack the affections between same-gender partners as a justification for taking children out of a gay or lesbian home. No loving mother I know would allow her child to witness the sexual activity of herself with her mate, male or female. The same goes for loving fathers.

Affection is a good thing, both seeing it and experiencing it, for affection shows a child that we humans can be tender and touching. In a world filled with violent scenes, how can affectionate hugs and kisses between loving partners be so incredible vile? I witnessed plenty of hugs and kisses between men and women as a child, yet seeing this did not drive me into becoming a wanton, promiscuous heterosexual! How illogical and totally absurd!

My motivation for Madonna, Lover and Son was prompted by a very simple yet powerful truth. Where there is love, there is God..

Is there scriptural basis to support the sanctity of gay and lesbian families? In her book, Our Tribe, Rev. Nancy Wilson offers us this incredible insight:

Ruth and Naomi act like a couple. Nowhere have I ever seen biblical commentators talk about the sex-role reversals, how the story plays off the traditional gender roles, or about the remarkable statement of committed love, unto death do us part, from one woman to another.


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