the crucifixion of christ

THE CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST | Oil on canvas | 78" W x 68" H

hen you view The Crucifixion of Christ, you miss the primary point if you think I’m saying Jesus was gay. Look at the word FAGGOT on the cross. You could substitute the word NIGGER, JEW BOY, HONKIE, REDNECK or BITCH—it all means the same. Anytime anyone rises up in condemnation, hatred or violence against another, Christ is crucified.

I chose the word FAGGOT because today, gays are socially-acceptable and religiously-justifiable targets for hate. And, just like gays, Jesus was made a hate target in his time because he dared to be different, to tell his understanding of the truth even though his words and his position defied the religious establishment. We all are created by God to be who we are, including gays and lesbians. It’s just as natural and spiritually correct to be gay as it is to be left-handed.

I’ve received positive response to this painting, mostly from LGBT Christians. They tell me of its power, that the imagery says more than a million words about whether homosexuality is a sin or not. In this work, the debate concludes: Religion judges homosexuality as sin. Seek God first and listen to no other authority. But beware. Ironically, such spiritual courage can lead to “crucifixion.”

© Copyright 1993, 2015 Becki Jayne Harrelson